Business Think Tank


 Business Think Tank

Think tanks serve as a link between policymakers and academic elites, pursuing constructive interactions with various researchers and decision-making bodies to identify governance challenges while considering public interest to develop an appropriate and ideal solution to address the issues.

We believe that the only realistic way to address the nation's problematic and complex issues is to reconcile differences of opinion and clear up misunderstandings.

Sharif Business Think Tank (SBTT) is tasked with interacting and communicating with all individuals and groups influencing Iran's business environment and economy.

Business owners and entrepreneurs in the private sector are the primary determinants of the business environment. The SBTT interacts positively and hosts meetings with chambers of commerce and businesses representing the private sector.

The SBTT collaborates with the vice presidency for science and technology as well as the ministries of oil, economy, and industry on policy and governance issues. The activities of the SBTT include:

  • Identifying important challenges facing Iranian businesses
  • Examining the causes of issues
  • Developing strategies for business growth and enterprise boom
  • Providing financial and statistical models
  • Interacting with policy and regulatory bodies and providing solutions to facilitate the activities of economic enterprises

Specialized Fields

1. Macroeconomics
1.1 Economic growth
1.2 Monetary policies and control of inflation
1.3 Financing system

2. Finance
2.1 Banking system
2.2 Capital market
2.3 Insurance

3. Labor market

4. Housing

5. Public finance
5.1 Taxes
5.2 Budget

6. International Economics
6.1 Currency policies
6.2 Trade policies
6.3 Roadmap diplomacy

7. Energy

8. Welfare and social security

9. Business environment
9.1 Pricing
9.2 Monopoly

10. Privatization

Products and Outcomes
The SBTT attempts to provide a wide range of specialized and applicable outcomes such as writing reports and analysis, hosting events and conferences, as well as providing consultation services to the Iranian enterprises.

Business Models

  • Calculation of trends in macroeconomics and international economics
  • Risk-taking report
  • Analysis of industrial performances