Industry and Sustainable Development Think Tank


Industry and Sustainable Development Think Tank
Since the United Nations (UN) first coined the term "sustainable development" in 1987, discussions in the UN and other policy research institutions around the globe have concentrated on economic, social, political, and environmental development. A special joint program between the government and social activists is crucial in order to accomplish their economic, social, and environmental development goals. Industry and sustainable development have consistently been one of the main areas of focus for SPRI since its founding in 2008. According to the existing potentials in the research institute, the Industry and Sustainable Development Think Tank (ISDTT) seeks to implement the most recent industrial policy techniques with a focus on regional and national resources. The ISDTT, therefore, covers a wide range of functional areas, from the micro level of businesses to the macro level of policymaking. As a result, the following six programmes have been established for the think tank:

  • Sustainable Development School (SDS)
  • Infrastructure Policy
  • Innovation Ecosystem Development (TANA)
  • Sustainable International Student Recruitment (AFAGH)
  • Social Development
  • Higher Education